Analysis of fraud & scams on dating sites in France

You are the victim of a fraud or scam on a dating site? You are not the only one in this situation. and you want to have repairs? Here is my analysis of the situation.

Frauds and scams on dating sites

Online subscription services can suffer from complaints about the billing practices. Some online dating service providers may have fraudulent membership fees or credit card charges. Rest assured this is not the case for sites ranked among the top 20 dating sites in France, but it can happen on smaller sites. Be vigilant.

Impossible to turn against the dating site

Another point, some sites ne do not allow to view the available profiles before paying the subscription fees. This is particularly true for libertine and extramarital dating sites, where there are proportionally many more men than the number of women. Once registered, and the subscription account paid, it is possible for the user to have a disappointment following his subscription, and there, you will have no way to return. One more piece of advice, whether for generalist or libertine sites, favor the heavyweights of the category.

Bad experience on the number of women

On dating sites, male-to-female ratio is often unbalanced. Sites can have two or even three men per woman, or even more for Tinder, which has up to 80% men. Moreover, the more a site aims for a young average age, the more the ratio will be unbalanced. The number of suitors again becomes favorable to men on dating sites from the average age of 50, where we then find a majority of women, compared to the number of men. In addition, the Male/Female ratio is also very unbalanced on swinger sites, and more balanced on dating sites to be friends only, of the type

Women are inundated withe messages

Moreover, American studies have suggested that men are many plus likely to send messages on dating sites that women. Also, men tend to message the most attractive women regardless of their own physique. This causes the most physically attractive women to receive an overwhelming number of messages, which in some cases can cause them to leave the site. As a result, women are much more demanding than men on dating sites, because the balance of power is in their favor.

Thus, it is sometimes complicated to seduce a woman via a dating site, something that would be easier during a physical meeting. And we should not blame them, because this is only a management of supply and demand. They are so solicited, that they can afford to become demanding. For example, women’s profiles, even without a photo, can receive dozens of messages per week, whereas with a photo, it becomes about ten messages per day. Consequently, we advise you to read our ranking on the percentage of women per site, and thus, you will be able to detect the most interesting sites, according to your research.

Dating sites that refuse refunds

Individuals have bad experiences because they register on sites with very few profiles available, contrary to what the registration page suggested. In this case, it is almost impossible to return via the site, because sometimes they do not have an antenna in France. The American « class-actions » can do damage in the United States, but in France, unfortunately, the plaintiffs give up, because it is not financially worth it to sue a site to recover an amount of 150 euros. In addition, people are ashamed to say that they have been ripped off 150 euros on a libertine site, and do not try to sue dating sites. In addition, we advise, when you register for a dating site, to start with one subscription court over time, for example 1 month, in order to validate the quality of the profiles present, before committing to a longer period.

In order to avoid such mishaps, and to be scammed by fraudulent dating sites, we advise you to stay on the list of the most serious dating sites.

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